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Is Kanye West in over his head?

Kim Kardashian is pregnant!  Kanye announced the pregnancy recently during a concert.

What is most disturbing, is that he did not say he was having a baby.  He introduced his “baby mama” during the concert and it was none other than his current and still married girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

It is not hard to be happy for any happy couple.  However, is this really a happy situation?

Kanye has been known to be a little unstable at times.  It is what it is.  The truth is, poor Kanye is probably in desperate need of love and attention and some stability.

However, it remains to be seen whether being a member of the Kardashian family will be the answer.

One thing is for sure: having a “baby mama” is never positive.  Of course, an engagement is inevitable once Kim is divorced.  Then they will live happily ever after and their story will be told for generations as an amazing ghetto fairy tale!  Maybe.

However, some in the hood are a little skeptical of  Kanye’s new found fairy tale.

Rapper Meek Mill recently said what a lot of people were thinking when he tweeted: “Kanye west officially turned a hoe into a housewife by getting Kim K pregnant.. smh!”

Is that what everyone is thinking?  Most likely, No.  However, many people are watching for a different reason than Kanye is participating: they are worried about Kanye.

Why worry about Kanye?  Well, first off, right now, some of the things that Kanye says and does are arguably a little disrespectful and don’t make Kim look good.  He has recently tweeted some extraordinary things, including writing about having sex with Kim.  “I just fu%*ed Kim so hard.” Yep, he wrote it.

When that happened, Cafe Mom called it “raunchy, tasteless, and disgusting?!”  Miss Info said that he “overshare[d]” his info.

The truth is, after these types of actions, most self respecting women would have been gone.  Yet Kimye is still going strong! Why is Kim still around?

Who Knows!

One thing is for sure.  Kanye is not in the untouchable position of power and authority he thinks he is in.  In fact, arguably, Kanye is in over his head.  Once Kim has that baby, she won’t have to deal with lapses in judgment.  She can leave.  She has shown that she can move on from a break up very well.

In New York, child support for one child starts at 17% of one’s income.  There are all sorts of other expenses that can be added.  So if love is not a good reason for Kim to keep her mouth shut for now, that is.

That which doesn’t kill Kanye will make him stronger.  Sounds good, but Kanye may be in way over his head.  Hopefully parenthood changes Kanye and Kim for the better and this all works out.

If the relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian doesn’t work out, I have this advice:

“Let the Kanye Beware”

I know it is supposed to be let the “buyer” beware.  Kanye is not a buyer of anything, but if Kanye and Kim Break up, Kanye is going to pay.  That is for sure.

. . . .

US Weekly is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have just purchased a new home.  The love birds have not just purchased some sort of hut though, they are getting ready for their new baby in style, with the couple having purchased a multi-million dollar mansion. $11 million dollars to be exact.

The couple has been dating and Kanye recently announced during a concert that Kim is pregnant with his first child.  He affectionately referred to Kim as his “baby mama” and she and her mother Kris Jenner were reportedly all files.  Of course, if anyone can affectionately use the term “baby momma” to describe the mother of his child, it is Kanye West.

Both Kanye and Kim have recently been in other high profile relationships.  Chalk this up as an article about moving on from a break-up, Kanye and Kim style!
Check out US Weekly for more information:

Things To Make For Boyfriend: A face just like his real true love: Jessica Alba!


That is right.  One girl who had a boyfriend that was in love with Jessica Alba took matters into her own hands to get her man back: she got cosmetic surgery to look just like the actress!  They broke up and she decided to get him back by doing this.  Women in Asian countries do things a little differently!  What was crazier was when she asked her friends: How can I make my boyfriend want me, they suggested she get the surgery!

This video from World Star is CRAZY!

Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together?

[Cartoon Parody]


Check out this funny cartoon of Chris Brown & Rihanna from World Star Hip Hop!

Note: Domestic Violence is serious and should never be tolerated.


How do you break up a relationship?

Want to know how to break up a relationship?

Check out the Hilarious speech this guy gives his “girlfriend” about breaking up. This break up video is worth watching!

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Shot by Martin Molina
Sound by Johnny Rodriguez


How Can I Get A Girl To Like Me?

Are you asking yourself:

  • How Can I Get A Girl To Like Me?
  • How can I get girls to like me?
  • How can I get a girl to love me?
  • How can I make a girl like me?

This Article focuses on ways to get a woman to like you, ways to get a girl to want you, and well ways to get a woman.  For those of you who want more, we found something that will provide ways to get a girlfriend.

Today’s master of relationships and dating is a guy named Joshua Pellicer.

“Who is Joshua Pellicer and why can he help me get a girl to like me?”

Good Question!

Here is what Joshua Pellicer has to say about who he is:

Well, I’m a completely normal guy. I didn’t want to believe that I was worthless or that I’d never be good with women. I just wasn’t interested in feeling like a victim for the rest of my life or a guy who got walked all over and overlooked.

The Video on his website tells his story and it is funny.  Very funny.  Sorry Joshua.  At one point, this guy was living with a girl, working 14 hours a day to pay bills and she convinced him to take his things and leave HIS house because her “father” was making a surprise visit.  You have to see the video to hear the more crazy details!

Joshua decided to change his life.  He started to find the secrets to the question: How do I get a girl to Like me?

He became a full-time coach and got pretty popular for a while.  He has been on The Today Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, The NY Daily News, etc, etc…

He was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live! Maxim Radio offered him a show all about meeting women, which he accepted and hosted for several years!

Now he has a system designed to help you get get a girl to like you!

His Video Is Hilarious!

The Claim:

I Will Show You How To Be In The Top 2% Of Men Just By Correcting A Few SIMPLE Mistakes That You Don’t Know You’re Making.

His System:

The system designed to help you get women to like you is set forth in detail on his website.  He has books, videos, forums and all sorts of other dating system support resources.

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It also includes 9 Free Bonus Products.  (9 Dating Guides/Dating Reports) including one called “Escaping The Friend Zone” which is an important topic when considering how you can get a girl to like you.



Seriously, I don’t know you and I don’t know what can teach you anything.  That is the cold hard truth.  For all I know you have no teeth and you drool.  However, if you really are looking to find a way to get girls to like you, then this is as good a start as any.  The way I see it, going out or taking a girl out and having dinner and drinks can cost over $100 in a major city.  This system does not cost $100.  It even has a money back promise that allows you to keep some of the books.  At the very least, there is probably something that you can learn that can help you get women to like you.

At the very least, I do not lie when I say:

His Video Is Hilarious!

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How Do I Get An Ex Back?


Are you trying to get an ex back? Whether you are with someone now or you are still heartbroken, you can get your ex back!


Get Back With An Ex

There are lots of resources online for people who want to get back with an Ex!  Still thinking about your ex-boyfriend?  Wondering where your ex-girlfriend is right now?  Take a look at some of these interesting systems for getting your ex back!  How can you get your ex back?  Hey, I don’t even know your ex!  How the hell am I supposed to know?  However, since is a resource for getting back with your ex, I have searched far and why for others who might have the answer to how can you get your ex back!

One such person is Michael Fiore!  He doesn’t just want you to get back with your ex, he wants you to:


When I saw the advertising for the Text Your Ex Back system, I noticed right away that the page had those fancy “as seen on” logos.  The system has been profiled by some big names: The Rachel Ray Show, FOX, WEBMD, NBC, CBS RADIO & YAHOO.  These names made the system no more credible, but they did make me take a closer look.

The Claim:


Ex Girlfriend


Ex Boyfriend


Using simple little text messages sent from the cellphone you have in your pocket RIGHT NOW!


Can This Really Help You Get Your Ex Back?

When you are sitting at home sad and alone because you are constantly asking yourself “how do I get an ex back” then anything is a start.  The way I figure it, this system is a starting point towards something.  Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but anything is better than not being able to concentrate because you are hoping to get your ex back.  Taking matters into your own hands is always a better path than sitting around waiting for something to happen.

How Does It Work?

This system is set up so that it is marketed to both men who are trying to get an ex girlfriend back and women who are trying to get an ex boyfriend back.  The marketing to each group is completely different and on the first page, you are asked to click a button based on whether you are a man or a woman.

In the pages, each version tells a story specifically targeted to people who are trying to get an ex back.  If you are wondering how to get ex back, then you may want to check out this system.  It can’t hurt to listen to what the How To Text Your Ex back people have to say.


Should I Spend Money Trying to Get My Ex Back?

This is a really good question that only you can answer.  I can say this, dinner at a nice restaurant can cost $50 or more and this system for getting your ex back does not cost $50.  The author states that:

Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact within sixty days for a full refund.

Software requirements: You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to read the ebook PDF files. You can download and install Reader by clicking here

It is less than the price of dinner.  The way I see it, if you can get someone you love back, it is worth it.  Otherwise, doing something and having something to read is better than just sitting around.  Go to their site and watch the video.  Decide for yourself whether Text Your Ex Back is indeed the system that you want to use to get your ex back.