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3 Ways To Find Information About Someone

Before Going Out On A Date With Them

Google Stalking 101



1) Use Facebook to find out about the person you are about to date!

Facebook is a great place to start gathering information about a potential blind date!  Facebook can show you where your potential date/future date went to school, give you pictures of the person, and also, will allow you to potentially see what your future date may post online.  The best part of Facebook is that you can use it to see and assess whether your date has any mutual friends.  You may be able to get insight and information from the mutual friends.

2) Google the person you are about to see – Don’t forget image search!!!

There are many ways to Google stalk your potential date.  Whatever you do, don’t mention these activities to your potential date.  The fact that you are googlestalking him or her may creep your date out.  However, if you are going to engage in googlestalking, here are some tips:

  • Search name and screen names (including nicknames)
  • Use Image Search and follow trails you may find on sites and pages containing images
  • Use phone numbers and email addresses as search terms as well!

3) Use Instagram to get information about the person you are about to go on a date with!

Instagram is a great way to see how your potential date interacts with others and what things he or she may be interested in!  Instagram can bring information you find out while doing research on a potential blind date to life!  Whether you met the person you are about to go meet on a dating site, or someone fixed you up on a blind date, Instagram pages can help you to see the types of people your potential date tends to spend time with.  Memes posted to Instagram or Facebook can also give you insight into the sense of humor, politics, and/or interests of your potential date!



Handling a breakup can be extremely stressful. How you manage the stressof a breakup can affect other parts of your life.  Stress from a breakup can affect your interpersonal relationships with family and friends.


1) Unplug: Stay offline

Being online has been shown to increase the likelihood of depression!  If you have just ended a relationship, being online is often a horrible place to be.  The internet is full of horrible temptations.  Between Spam bots on dating sites and the temptation of checking out your ex lover’s profiles, the internet can be a horrible distraction.  The best way to beat the stress of a breakup is to get offline and stay offline for a while.  Your friends and family will understand.  In fact, though your friends may not tell you so, they hate people who go on Facebook and Instagram to have a virtual pity party.  Do yourself and the people around you a favor – stay offline until you get your bearings.

2) Go on a vacation or to a new place

Sometimes, just a change in scenery after a break up can go a long way!

3) Spend time with friends

Spending time with friends after a breakup is a great way to relieve stress and to get your mind off your ex.  Friends can be a great source of support.

4) Get out of the house

Don’t sit at home alone after a break up.  Make sure that you get out of the house and start getting involved in activities that will help you to heal.

5) Get some Sun

The sun is an amazing remedy for all sorts of conditions.  Getting sunlight into your life after a traumatic emotional experience is very helpful.

6) Try a new hobby

Post-Relationship is a great time to find a new hobby or start a hobby or activity that you have been meaning to start but never got around to!  Finding a new hobby is a great way to turn an otherwise negative experience into a positive one!

7) Meet new Friends

New friends can be a great way to get past your ex.  This is especially true in situations in which you and your ex shared the same social circles and going out with old friends is an emotional trigger.  Find activities in your area that can lead new friendships.  This includes social events and volunteer events.

8) Go on a Date

Some people say the best way to get back on the horse, is to, get back on the horse.  One of the best ways for some people to get over someone, is with someone else.  Eventually you have to move on.  Why not start now?!

9) Keep busy

There is no need to sit around a pout after a break up.  Get out there and do things.  Staying active is a great way to keep your mind off a relationship that has recently ended.

10) Get rid of all reminders of the relationship

Remember Angela Basset burning the car in “Waiting to Exhale” during her break up?  There is something cathartic about letting go of the old baggage that comes from a broken relationship.