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Top 10 Dating Apps Cheaters Use


If you are looking to find out if someone is cheating, you know difficult it can sometimes be.  However, lucky for you, if the person is cheating online, there are many dating sites which you can use as starting points.  Conversely, if you are looking to find someone new, these dating apps can help you find a new significant other.   Each one of the dating apps listed below has its own world with its own rules.

Social Networking sites in general are places where people can meet and are often used as dating site. Remember, dating sites are just social networking sites to which people go for dates.

Cheaters on Tinder



Arguably, Tinder is one of the hottest hookup apps right now.  Tinder allows people to skip the awkward part of the courting process and let the other person know that they are interested.  This often leads to quicker chats which move into other things (ahem…hook-ups).  If your partner has Tinder on his/her phone, chances are, he/she is cheating or at least, is thinking about cheating in the future.



One female surveyed said that Tinder was so “full of guys trying to get laid” that she started looking at the profiles of other females and ended up going on her first date with a girl.   For some looking for same sex relationships for the first time, Tinder is like marijuana, it can be a gateway drug.  If you find your partner on Tinder, he or she might not just be speaking to people of the opposite sex.  TINDER is a hookup app.


Tinder is no social networking site like some of the others on this list, which are often used for non-sexual purposes.  People go on Tinder to get some.  It is one of the most well known free online hook up apps.





Looking for free dating apps for android: TINDER is one to look for!  Get this dating app free!

Plenty of Fish (POF)

Cheaters on Grindr




Grindr is a friendly homosexual man’s dream app.  Grindr is a Gay, Bi & curious guy finder for people looking for a hook-up.  


Gay and Bi-Sexual Men who are looking for someone to hook-up with love Grindr.  One guy however, was not so keep on Grindr when it allegedly hooked him up with a 13 year old.  There are many accusations that Grindr users are often exposed to STDs.  One man used Grindr to allegedly spread HIV.  If you find out that your partner is on GRINDR (or any other dating site app, you may want to get yourself tested immediately).  If you are using Grindr (or any other of these apps..) BE CAREFUL!


You care because it is a good place to find people to cheat with.  It is a great place for homosexual men to find a man to cheat with. One of the best ways to find a cheater is on Grindr if the cheater is online and homosexual.








Yelp is not a dating site.  It a restaurant/business review site.  However, any social networking site can be used to connect to people and arrange dates and hook ups.


People are saying Yelp is not a dating site.  Then they are winking.  Yelp is not just a restaurant review site, it has a social component called Yelp Elite which has events and allows people to attend and meet new people while visiting restaurants and businesses.


Yelp is just another social networking site that people can use to meet one another.  If you are looking to meet new people, Yelp is a great place to find them.  You can see what types of places they go to socialize and eat.  You can also see where they have been recently.  These factors make Yelp a fantastic App and website for cheaters.


Click here to go to Yelp or

go to





Ashley Madison



Their tagline is “Life is short, have an affair” and they mean it.  This site is a place for people who are married to find someone to get with.


Born Again Christians and others are getting their groove on using Ashley Madison, according to Huffington Post.  They say that this infidelity site is scoring big in the United States.


If you are looking for someone who is cheating, the best starting point is a website for people who are married that want to cheat on their spouses.  If a wife wants to cheat on her husband or a husband wants to cheat on his wife and they are looking for someone who may be ok with dating a cheater, Ashley Madison is the best place on the internet.








OKCUPID is a free dating sites on the internet.  It is a free dating site for dating.  You can find someone to date in any city, state or country.  This is a great place to find someone for international dating as well.


Some think that OKCUPID is one of the best free dating sites on the internet.  Others think it is one of the best free dating apps.  Whether you use the dating site online or the dating app, free is a great price to pay for the dating services provided by OKCUPID.


Cheaters may start out using dating apps which have a lower barrier to entry and OKCUPID is a free dating site.  It also has a free dating app.  This means that not only can someone who is cheating use the site, you can find a cheater online using the dating app for free.  This can be really useful.








The creator of GRINDR decided to create a dating site/dating app for women.  “Grindr is all about one interest, and that’s being gay,” according to a recent HuffPost article.


GRINDR is BLENDR but for homosexuals.  It is a homosexual dating app.


If you are looking for a cheating homosexual man or a man who is cheating with another man, GRINDR may be a good starting place.





JPIX is a dating app for Jewish People.  It is JDATE.COM’s dating app.


They are saying if you are Jewish and single and looking to date someone who is Jewish, is always a good starting place.  That being the case, JPIX promises to be a great dating app for jewish people.  What other dating app virtually guarantees you will find a nice Jewish boy or girl to take home to mom?


JPIX is a Jewish dating app available for both android and apple.  If you are concerned that your spouse is looking to cheat with a Jewish guy or a Jewish girl, you will possibly have some luck finding the cheater on JPIX or on JDATE.


or JPIX in the android Google Play Store or in your APPLE app store.







Looking for a threesome?  3nder is where you may be successful.


According to Huffington Post, 3nder is an app that makes threesomes easy.  That is a serious claim.  Many a drunken man has claimed that he has the key to accomplishing this dating feat.  This app is the closest that most will come.


If your significant other is into sharing, this may be a good starting point to find his or her dating profile.  3nder claims to have created over 165,000 threesome matches to date.


The APPLE STORE will get you this apple dating app for threesomes.  The android version of this dating app for threesomes is coming in 2015.








Dattch is a dating app for lesbian, bi & queer women.

update: the Dattch app is now called the “HER” app!!


Various outlets report that DATTCH is a good dating app for finding lesbian women as well as bi and queer women.  This is a dating app for women seeking women.


If you believe that the woman you are seeking is looking another woman, DATTCH may be a good place to start looking to find her dating profile.  If you find her dating profile online, maybe you should create a dating profile online that she can find.







Dattch is a dating app for lesbian, bi & queer women. It appears on our list but had a name change.

Update: the Dattch app is now called the “HER” app!!


Various outlets report that HER is a good dating app for finding lesbian women as well as bi and queer women.  This is a dating app for women seeking women.


If you believe that the woman you are seeking is looking another woman, HER may be a good place to start looking to find her dating profile.  If you find her dating profile online, maybe you should create a dating profile online that she can find.








POF is arguably the biggest and best free dating site app on the internet.  The site has a dating app.  The dating app allows you to search for dates by city and state.  You can also search for dating profiles for people in other countries.


POF has millions of profiles.  It is a great free dating app.  It is also a free dating site.  It is good for international dating as well.  The dating site is also known as plenty of fish.


If you believe that the woman you are seeking is looking another woman, DATTCH may be a good place to start looking to find her dating profile.  If you find her dating profile online, maybe you should create a dating profile online that she can find.  If you are looking to find out if someone has a dating profile, POF is a great place to start.  You can search the dating profiles by location and age.  You can find a dating profile if there is one there.  If you are fishing to Catch A Cheater, Plenty of Fish has lots of Fish!





Victoria Milan



Victoria Milan does not beat around the bush. They get straight to the point: Victoria Milan is an website for people looking to have extramarital affairs.


People are saying that Victoria Milan has thrown its hat into the cheating site competition. The site says it has five million users from around the globe. That seems like a good start. Recent articles state that cheaters admit to using Victoria Milan so boldly, that they even do so while their spouse is in the same room!


For a long time, if you were looking for a dating site to cheat on, particularly looking for a dating site to have an affair on, Ashley Madison was the best place on the internet. Turns out, that might not have been the case afterall and a host of sites have come out ready to compete to provider cheaters a place on the web to meet other cheaters.  The Company behind this dating site that cheaters use says that it has more than 5 million members in 22 countries and it’s the fastest growing service in European region. If you are looking for an affair or looking for someone having an affair, Victoria Milan is worth a look.





What is Cheating? Are You A Cheater?

Top Ten Ways To Keep Your Affair a Secret

3 Ways To Catch A Cheater




Handling a breakup can be extremely stressful. How you manage the stressof a breakup can affect other parts of your life.  Stress from a breakup can affect your interpersonal relationships with family and friends.


1) Unplug: Stay offline

Being online has been shown to increase the likelihood of depression!  If you have just ended a relationship, being online is often a horrible place to be.  The internet is full of horrible temptations.  Between Spam bots on dating sites and the temptation of checking out your ex lover’s profiles, the internet can be a horrible distraction.  The best way to beat the stress of a breakup is to get offline and stay offline for a while.  Your friends and family will understand.  In fact, though your friends may not tell you so, they hate people who go on Facebook and Instagram to have a virtual pity party.  Do yourself and the people around you a favor – stay offline until you get your bearings.

2) Go on a vacation or to a new place

Sometimes, just a change in scenery after a break up can go a long way!

3) Spend time with friends

Spending time with friends after a breakup is a great way to relieve stress and to get your mind off your ex.  Friends can be a great source of support.

4) Get out of the house

Don’t sit at home alone after a break up.  Make sure that you get out of the house and start getting involved in activities that will help you to heal.

5) Get some Sun

The sun is an amazing remedy for all sorts of conditions.  Getting sunlight into your life after a traumatic emotional experience is very helpful.

6) Try a new hobby

Post-Relationship is a great time to find a new hobby or start a hobby or activity that you have been meaning to start but never got around to!  Finding a new hobby is a great way to turn an otherwise negative experience into a positive one!

7) Meet new Friends

New friends can be a great way to get past your ex.  This is especially true in situations in which you and your ex shared the same social circles and going out with old friends is an emotional trigger.  Find activities in your area that can lead new friendships.  This includes social events and volunteer events.

8) Go on a Date

Some people say the best way to get back on the horse, is to, get back on the horse.  One of the best ways for some people to get over someone, is with someone else.  Eventually you have to move on.  Why not start now?!

9) Keep busy

There is no need to sit around a pout after a break up.  Get out there and do things.  Staying active is a great way to keep your mind off a relationship that has recently ended.

10) Get rid of all reminders of the relationship

Remember Angela Basset burning the car in “Waiting to Exhale” during her break up?  There is something cathartic about letting go of the old baggage that comes from a broken relationship.





In one of the craziest cheater videos yet, a movie scene unfolds when a wife’s affair goes terribly wrong.  While this wife was having an affair with another man, her husband returned and the man did not have time to get dressed before attempting to escape.  Pinned by the husband as the wife held him back, the man tied several sheets together and proceeded to jump out of a window.  A crowd had formed outside of the building as the husband yelled at the wife.  Firefighters were called and placed a rubber device for the man to jump into on the ground.  The man, in just his boxers, climbs out the window while the wife argues with her husband on the balcony.  He climbs using the sheets to the window ledge on the floor below and in desperation, the half naked man proceeds to jump to the ground to avoid the angry husband.  The crowd cheers as the man jumps to safety, but the man the wife was cheating with seems angry.  He then escapes.





This poor lady was attacked by her inmate husband in a Venezuelan jail as inmate look on.  In this shocking video, we see a wife who visits her husband in jail.  Unbeknownst to the wife, the husband is aware that she is cheating.  The husband, who knows his relationship is over, gets revenge – he proceeds to grab her and shave her head.  You can see the man cutting the woman’s hair as some sort of sick punishment for her cheating ways.  She cries and fights, but her attacker is relentless and the other prisoners basically cheer and cry out in support.  Eventually, the defeated victim seems to submit and gets her hair cut.  She finally runs away, but not before losing her hair.


What is Cheating? Are You A Cheater?

Top Ten Ways To Keep Your Affair a Secret

3 Ways To Catch A Cheater






A really really trusting man was catfished by a person online who pretended to be a pretty young woman and befriended him.  The person used a picture of a model in an online dating profile and the two exchanged emails for quite some time.  The older gentleman truly believed that the person in what was later determined to be a fake dating site profile, loved him.  He was so in love with the person using the fake profile that he sent the model he believed that he was talking to over $300,000.  Yes, he sent a random person he met on a dating site several hundred thousand dollars before his daughter discovered what was happening.  The man, who is pretty damn old and was sadly looking for love after his wife died, thought he had finally found happiness – in the world of online dating.  Instead, he found his bank account getting smaller and smaller as he was tricked into sending his online love interests money.  The man even traveled to London over 14 times, thinking he would meet the woman who he was talking to on the dating site.  Never happened.  Thanks to the Catfish, the man even lost his home to foreclosure.







A man recorded his wife as she takes a hammer and proceeds to destroy his car during what seems to be a domestic dispute.  This is one way of handling a break up or divorce, but probably not the right way.  The woman proceeds to hit the convertible with the hammer as her husband watches, records, and narrates.  During the incident, the wife breaks windows, hits the hood of the car with the hammer, swings the hammer at the rear view mirror and just shows that even quiet people can be pretty crazy.  This fight could have been over anything..maybe the husband cheated.  Who knows.  Either way, she destroyed that car.







When one guy finds his wife on a dating site, he decides to take matters into his own hands and get revenge.  A man got an email and found out his wife was on a dating site.  After viewing her profile and determining that she was cheating and out looking to cheat with other men, he came up with a plan to punish her cheating.  The husband got the keys to his cheating wife’s car, a convertible, and proceeded to open the top.  Then the cuckold took a dump truck full of manure and dumped it into the car.  The cheating wife was probably shocked to find her beloved convertible full of the manure that her dating site profile contained when she wrote that she was single!



What is Cheating? Are You A Cheater?

Top Ten Ways To Keep Your Affair a Secret

3 Ways To Catch A Cheater



Check out this video from WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM in which a woman is beating her cheating boyfriend on a train.  The irrate woman is calling her cheating boyfriend names and proceeds to beat him, and kick him in the head several times.  The person filming the beating the cheater is getting seems concerned that her food is getting cold, but has to film the crazy fight between the woman and her cheating boyfriend.  For over 5 minutes, the girl smacks, kicks, and spits at the man.  She spit in his face.  How disrespectful.  Poor Cheater.  Eventually the police come and save the cheater, arresting the woman for beating him up.  She is even cuffed and put on the platform!  Then she is arrested.

Moral of the Story:

Think twice before engaging in self help against your cheating significant other.  Otherwise, you might end up a character on a website as people watch you get arrested.  Worse part is, the guy can now go right back to the girl he was cheating with.


What is Cheating? Are You A Cheater?

Top Ten Ways To Keep Your Affair a Secret

3 Ways To Catch A Cheater


Is Kanye West in over his head?

Kim Kardashian is pregnant!  Kanye announced the pregnancy recently during a concert.

What is most disturbing, is that he did not say he was having a baby.  He introduced his “baby mama” during the concert and it was none other than his current and still married girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

It is not hard to be happy for any happy couple.  However, is this really a happy situation?

Kanye has been known to be a little unstable at times.  It is what it is.  The truth is, poor Kanye is probably in desperate need of love and attention and some stability.

However, it remains to be seen whether being a member of the Kardashian family will be the answer.

One thing is for sure: having a “baby mama” is never positive.  Of course, an engagement is inevitable once Kim is divorced.  Then they will live happily ever after and their story will be told for generations as an amazing ghetto fairy tale!  Maybe.

However, some in the hood are a little skeptical of  Kanye’s new found fairy tale.

Rapper Meek Mill recently said what a lot of people were thinking when he tweeted: “Kanye west officially turned a hoe into a housewife by getting Kim K pregnant.. smh!”

Is that what everyone is thinking?  Most likely, No.  However, many people are watching for a different reason than Kanye is participating: they are worried about Kanye.

Why worry about Kanye?  Well, first off, right now, some of the things that Kanye says and does are arguably a little disrespectful and don’t make Kim look good.  He has recently tweeted some extraordinary things, including writing about having sex with Kim.  “I just fu%*ed Kim so hard.” Yep, he wrote it.

When that happened, Cafe Mom called it “raunchy, tasteless, and disgusting?!”  Miss Info said that he “overshare[d]” his info.

The truth is, after these types of actions, most self respecting women would have been gone.  Yet Kimye is still going strong! Why is Kim still around?

Who Knows!

One thing is for sure.  Kanye is not in the untouchable position of power and authority he thinks he is in.  In fact, arguably, Kanye is in over his head.  Once Kim has that baby, she won’t have to deal with lapses in judgment.  She can leave.  She has shown that she can move on from a break up very well.

In New York, child support for one child starts at 17% of one’s income.  There are all sorts of other expenses that can be added.  So if love is not a good reason for Kim to keep her mouth shut for now, that is.

That which doesn’t kill Kanye will make him stronger.  Sounds good, but Kanye may be in way over his head.  Hopefully parenthood changes Kanye and Kim for the better and this all works out.

If the relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian doesn’t work out, I have this advice:

“Let the Kanye Beware”

I know it is supposed to be let the “buyer” beware.  Kanye is not a buyer of anything, but if Kanye and Kim Break up, Kanye is going to pay.  That is for sure.

. . . .

US Weekly is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have just purchased a new home.  The love birds have not just purchased some sort of hut though, they are getting ready for their new baby in style, with the couple having purchased a multi-million dollar mansion. $11 million dollars to be exact.

The couple has been dating and Kanye recently announced during a concert that Kim is pregnant with his first child.  He affectionately referred to Kim as his “baby mama” and she and her mother Kris Jenner were reportedly all files.  Of course, if anyone can affectionately use the term “baby momma” to describe the mother of his child, it is Kanye West.

Both Kanye and Kim have recently been in other high profile relationships.  Chalk this up as an article about moving on from a break-up, Kanye and Kim style!
Check out US Weekly for more information:


How Can I Get A Girl To Like Me?

Are you asking yourself:

  • How Can I Get A Girl To Like Me?
  • How can I get girls to like me?
  • How can I get a girl to love me?
  • How can I make a girl like me?

This Article focuses on ways to get a woman to like you, ways to get a girl to want you, and well ways to get a woman.  For those of you who want more, we found something that will provide ways to get a girlfriend.

Today’s master of relationships and dating is a guy named Joshua Pellicer.

“Who is Joshua Pellicer and why can he help me get a girl to like me?”

Good Question!

Here is what Joshua Pellicer has to say about who he is:

Well, I’m a completely normal guy. I didn’t want to believe that I was worthless or that I’d never be good with women. I just wasn’t interested in feeling like a victim for the rest of my life or a guy who got walked all over and overlooked.

The Video on his website tells his story and it is funny.  Very funny.  Sorry Joshua.  At one point, this guy was living with a girl, working 14 hours a day to pay bills and she convinced him to take his things and leave HIS house because her “father” was making a surprise visit.  You have to see the video to hear the more crazy details!

Joshua decided to change his life.  He started to find the secrets to the question: How do I get a girl to Like me?

He became a full-time coach and got pretty popular for a while.  He has been on The Today Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, The NY Daily News, etc, etc…

He was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live! Maxim Radio offered him a show all about meeting women, which he accepted and hosted for several years!

Now he has a system designed to help you get get a girl to like you!

His Video Is Hilarious!

The Claim:

I Will Show You How To Be In The Top 2% Of Men Just By Correcting A Few SIMPLE Mistakes That You Don’t Know You’re Making.

His System:

The system designed to help you get women to like you is set forth in detail on his website.  He has books, videos, forums and all sorts of other dating system support resources.

Click Here For The Secrets To Getting A Girl To Like You!

It also includes 9 Free Bonus Products.  (9 Dating Guides/Dating Reports) including one called “Escaping The Friend Zone” which is an important topic when considering how you can get a girl to like you.



Seriously, I don’t know you and I don’t know what can teach you anything.  That is the cold hard truth.  For all I know you have no teeth and you drool.  However, if you really are looking to find a way to get girls to like you, then this is as good a start as any.  The way I see it, going out or taking a girl out and having dinner and drinks can cost over $100 in a major city.  This system does not cost $100.  It even has a money back promise that allows you to keep some of the books.  At the very least, there is probably something that you can learn that can help you get women to like you.

At the very least, I do not lie when I say:

His Video Is Hilarious!

Click Here For The Secrets To Getting A Girl To Like You!


Jerry Robinowitz on: The man shortage….

Jerry Robinowitz on Life is a little something we have worked up where Jerry helps me write about new and important issues…..

Jerry Robinowitz on: The man shortage….
This is a good time to be a man in the United States…there are not enough men to go around…for sometime now, we have been aware of the fact that there is a man shortage…not a shortage of good men…but of men in general, men who can read…men with all of their teeth…just plain average I can chew my food without assistance kind of men…but it seems based upon observations of behavior by women and through conversations and generally based upon information and belief that the man shortage is not as well known as it should be, so we will inform you here of this horrible situation.(yeah right…the men in cities with a man shortage think that it is great…)There is a man shortage.don`t believe me? think about this for a second….how many women do you know that end up getting with these ugly, thuggish, “he don’t even brush his teeth or wash” kind of guys? I bet more than you realize!  Often, women will date men who are just beneath them or who they believe have potential?Why?You really think it is because they are humanitarians? I mean come on, I will share a bar of ivory soap, your man does not have to stink.  Actually, what is going on can actually be fully understood when looked at in the context of the man shortage!  You see, no one is picking up sticks and going home to make toothpicks. Why? Because there are toothpicks all over the place and they are readily available. You ain’t home carving toothpicks on Sundays.  Likewise, I ain’t never picked up a straw and some cotton and tried to make a Q-tip. Why? Because there are Q-tips all over the place and you can just go to a 99 cent store and buy a hundred of them.  There is no shortage of these things so we don’t do foolish things to compensate. However, note the following: Have you ever been caught somewhere without a spoon with an individual sized pudding or cup of soup or something like that? It happens every now and again and what happens? You become Maguyver…you start inventing stuff you didn’t even know was possible.  You can be bad at math, but you will find yourself doing calculus to figure out the radius of some silly object u are about to fashion into a spoon so that you can consume your delectable delight. Why? Because there is a spoon shortage or no spoon is readily available. Once I made chop sticks out of two number two pencils to eat cup o noodles in my office at like 3am when I was working on something.  Now back to what I was saying…see…there is a man shortageand women start trying to fashion themselves a Fabio!  It is really sad!  Women start saying to themselves – “he doesn’t really stink” or after looking at his teeth, they start telling themselves “that’s not really yellow.”  But honey, it is yellow and you better be careful because when he drinks water it probably tastes like lemonade!The sad truth is, in many cities in the United States and around the world, there is a serious man shortage!  However, there is hope.  Even though there are not enough men to go around, you can be proactive and make the best of a bad situation.


1) Become informed about the man shortage!  Tell your friends. Discuss the problem. Be proactive!

2) If you find a good man, don’t tell your friends.   If you find a good man, do n0t let him leave! You stalk the crap out of him (unless he`s Jerry Robinowitz or myself of course, then you keep your freaking distance or we will choke you with a chicken bone)!

3) Do not spend your time playing games.  There is a man shortage. Other women know that there is a man shortage.  Remember, one person`s inhibitions are another person`s point of entry!  What does that mean? Let’s look at some examples (some crude examples):

You don’t want to swallow? That is okay.  You don’t have to.  However, don’t expect a man in a city with a man shortage to stick around!  Some chick is going to do it.  That is right, you have inhibitions and won’t do things?   Fine!  Some hoochie is calling his phone or writing him on Twitter or Facebook and telling him that you are a “prude” and that she likes it up the nose.  Seriously.  I know you were not prepared for that, but it is the truth!  Come on, don’t lose your man to some chick who is so loose she takes it up the nose!  In a city with a man shortage, you must do anything you have to in order to Make it happen!  Keep that man!

4) Avoid Guys in Jail!  Remember: you have better things to do on Saturdays than to visit jail! If he is there, hey, I am not hating but, at least wait until he comes home before you start fashioning yourself a Fabio. Live life women!  The truth is, in jail, you won’t know if the love is real, because well, he is a captive.  Now if you were with him before, he stood by you and you love him, that may be different, but most of the time, that is not the case.  Look I totally understand that the loose chick who takes it up the nose is visiting him too but hey, you gotta be strong!

5) You have to do the 50-50 thing!  Don’t ask him to pay for everything. All of those crazy antiquated dating rules go out the window in a city with a man shortage.  They were created in a time where it was a lot harder to meet and date a good woman.  Be a student of history and the economy.  If not, you will always lose to a more on point chick who is not trying to take him for all of his stuff.  Most likely, he has nothing. If he does have lots of money, go to the top of this paragraph and begin to reread. This is important. There are women out there who can cook, clean and hold down nice jobs. They just want company and companionship. They will pay for it. They will kill for it. Men love these women. The hoodrats say they are “wifey material”. The thugs call them “ride or die chicks”.  Sometimes they are “Sugar mommas”. They will be supportive of him, even when he is at his worse.  They will hold him down, feed him and not stress him. They will always win in the end. Even stupid men who go out “play” or “stray” at clubs or in other situations, do so and then return to these women. You will never win out to one if you are not one. I am not saying you are not one of those women but if you are not, please go back and start reading this paragraph again. Look: don’t be a “jigga you dont buy me reeboks no more” kind of woman.

6)  If you have a man, you hold onto him for dear life!  He wants to go to the store? Take your butt with him.   He has to pee? Go with him! Hold it if you have to…at least then you know where it is! I mean come on…there is a chick out there taking it up the nose…don’t take any chances

7) If you meet a woman and she has unusually large and loose nostrils you kick the crap outta her and u let her know to stay away from your man. Don’t have a man? You kick that chick in the nose and tell her that she better not mess your hustle up, because you’re trying to make it happen!  Don’t be shy!

8) Finally, if you have tried everything and nothing works…you didn’t hear this from me but I hear some men like to put it in the nose…..

Until next time….good luck and god speed…this is Jerry Robinowitz and I signing off….


best first date ideas & dating tips first date

5 First Date Ideas

New to dating?  New to the dating scene?  Maybe you have been dating for a while but have learned the hard way that dating can be expensive!  Looking for inexpensive and/or free dates?  Here are five first date ideas to help you have an amazing time with someone!  Plan the best first date ever!

First Date Idea #1

Go Out to Eat At A Restaurant!

The best first date ideas are often those that are time tested.  This is a classic first date idea.  However, you should choose restaurants that are interesting.  Japanese and Korean BBQ places are often cool because you are cooking with one another and they can be exciting.  Such places force people to communicate and can be used to encourage interaction and teamwork.  Cooking together can be an amazing bonding experience!  This is a way to do that outside of the house!   Avoid places that are not conducive to communication.  Also, avoid discussing exes and prior relationships unless asked, and even then, don’t go into the debbie downer details.

First Date Idea Tip: Use Yelp to lower your dating costs!  Did you know that Yelp has amazing coupons & deals on thousands of restaurants?  Pick the restaurant ahead of time on YELP DEALS & you can save serious money while eating at amazing places.  The Yelp program will allow you to get huge discounts on restaurants and bars if you buy a voucher for use on the SAME DAY.  If you are subtle enough and pull the waiter aside to discuss the details, she will never know!  Programs such as this can allow you to do more with less money and look good while doing it!  CLICK HERE for more information on Yelp Deals


First Date Idea #2

This first date idea is more of an idea of what not to do: DON’T GO TO THE MOVIES.

Movies are a HORRIBLE place to have a first date!  How can you talk during a film in a dark room?  Don’t even think about taking a girl you don’t know into a room and fondling her or trying to get to ANY base.  This is douche bag territory and should be avoided at all costs!  Movie theaters are not conducive to communication and that is the goal on the first date: to communicate!  Going to the movies is a really bad first date idea.  AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS, EVEN IF THE OTHER PERSON SUGGESTS IT!


First Date Idea #3

 Meet Up For A Drink

“Drink” doesn’t just mean alcohol.  The goal is to talk and communicate and get to know one another.  Alcohol and bars are just one way to do such a thing.  However, some people do not like to go out drinking.  Make sure you ask before you invite.  You can always go to a coffee shop or have hot chocolate somewhere.  Places like DAVE & BUSTERS with Games and other such amusements are also good choices for first dates.

First Date Idea Tip: Like the advice in First Date Idea #1, you can use vouchers from YELP DEALS to get restaurant & bar discounts.  There are often some amazing bars included and the vouchers often cover food & drinks!  These types of discount programs can save you a fortune on drinks and can open up your options dramatically.  Look for rooftop bars & fancy places like speakeasys.  Often, some very trendy places are participating in groupon and Yelp instant deals.  This is especially cool and useful when the date is not planned but rather spontaneous.  Yelp Deals are often discounts on the SAME DAY.  Just check the inventory and see what is available! CLICK HERE for more information on Yelp Deals


First Date Idea #4

 Take a Day Trip to a Nearby City!

If your date is spontaneous and likes adventure, suggest taking a bus to a nearby city!  Are you in New York?  If so, consider taking a bus from Chinatown or Midtown to Boston or Philly!  Bolt Bus and Mega Bus are pretty cool options and can be pretty cheap.  The best part: buses are public places, so you don’t have to worry about awkward alone moments!  You can book seats up to the time of departure on many buses! If your city is not ideal for you, another city can be a great place for dating!

First Date Idea Tip: Like the advice in First Date Idea #1, you can use vouchers from YELP DEALS to get restaurant & bar discounts & site seeing in another city.   CLICK HERE for more information on Yelp Deals


First Date Idea #5

 Free Dates!  Have a picnic or scavenger hunt around your city!

If your date likes parks or the outdoors, you should consider a picnic.  Picnic’s are cool because you can plan them and have them in some amazing places: Parks, Sidewalks, on Ferries, on mountains after a hike, etc.

First Date Idea Tip: Want to have a more adventurous first date?  Have a scavenger hunt!  Find out what your date is interested in and create a hunt that takes you to get items related to that interest all over the city!  Make maps and checklists!  Take pictures doing silly things.  This can be a great idea if you are new to dating as it is an activity that is not your normal date!

First Date Idea Tip: Put five different date ideas in a bag or cup and have your date pick them one at a time.  If she likes the first one, she might ask to pick again!

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by Jerry Robinowitz & I.

Retaliation is by far the sweetest fruit….I mean the world is indeed full of crazy instances in which retaliation creates a greater good. They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure….isn’t that some really ironic stuff…I mean in relationships isn’t that the case…well in my experience you break up and she finally starts growing hair and gets some teeth whitener but hey, my experience is atypical and I don’t wanna get side tracked…you see, we are here to help you out and today, as per request, we will revisit the subject of retaliation…

Jerry Robinowitz on Retaliation

Also known as Jerry Robinowitz on Dating & Retaliation.  Retaliation is an important tool. It will always help the world to be a better place for you and me. Well, maybe just for me but hey, who the hell do you think you are anyway? So what’s retaliation you ask? Retaliation is what you do when you get someone back for something you done. Contrast this with doing something to random people for no reason cause that’s called “you are a crazy mofo and you had better not drop the soap where they are gonna put you.”  I think you get the idea. So retaliation is purely in response to something. Now don’t feel as if you have to do someone a favor and let them know it’s coming…in fact, you don’t do that…this is important…you must catch that fool by surprise…whatever you do, it must be unique and hit hard…for instance, some wives will during a divorce, sell a $50,000 car for $50 to a stranger just so the husband gets nothing because after all, that’s the car he used to literally ride that little deep throating flusie in…that hurts…see, once, a long long time ago someone got me so angry that I took one of those little bouillon cubes, you know the little cubes you dissolve in water and in makes it chicken soup…well I took the cube and I put it in her shower-head…that way when she came in the morning to take her shower and wash her hair, the hot water would mix with the bouillon soup and create a chicken soup shower….now you do that to someone and they will stink like chicken soup for some time….good lord if they are late for work that morning…..”hey what’s that smell”……but you get the idea…you have to come hard…inspire hatred..

The Revenge List: Who To Cheat With If You Want To Get Back At A Cheater!

Background noted, if your mate cheats on you and you want revenge you may wish to cheat as well…if so here are the people you should sleep with if you are a man…the second most powerful retaliatory act is to sleep with her mother…the biggest missile would be sleep with her father, but I don’t recommend that..its crazy…and I’m personally not gay but if you are a homo thug, you go keep it in the family….now the third biggest hit would be siblings, brothers and sisters, followed by cousins and relatives. If you have no access or chance at one of the above, try people they claim to be related to but aren’t fake cousins…none of those, find good friends, and if you are at a loss, then find an enemy…if all else fails, find out where she went to elementary school and go have sex with the girl that used to eat her boogers, or better yet, the infamous glue sniffer…


To recap, if you want to get back at a cheater by cheating, cheat with the following in the following order:


Who To Cheat With:

  1. Mother (if you are a woman) Father (if you are a man)
  2. Father (if you are a woman) Mother (if you are a man)
  3. Siblings: Brothers and Sisters
  4. Cousins and Relatives
  5. Fake Cousins & Siblings (People they grew up close to)
  6. Good Friends
  7. Enemies and Distant Friends
  8. People They think are lower than them: Glue sniffers, train wrecks, girls with yellow teeth, girls with horrible stretch marks that show them often, girls with too much make up, girls with 80’s hair, really really short guys, guys with shirtless pictures on the internet, juice heads who have no clue, spanish & black guys (if you are white, cause that will make a white man really mad..)…etc…not in that order…

In any event, you get them back! But if you’re really an adult, you will forgive, forget and when you see her again, you say, yes, that is a great idea, I would like fries with that! And then you take your french fries and you leave!  After all, we all know that cheating exes end up working at a fast food restaurant or with some other horrible situation in the years that follow our relationships…

Disclaimer: This post uses terms like “homo thug” and does so lovingly.  This site and this post are in no way intended to in anyway disrespect, vex, or alarm homosexuals.  In fact, we are very happy to have all people as readers of our site.   Anyone that thinks the term “homo thug” is derogatory has never been punched in the face by a thugged out homosexual.  If I was in a fight, I should only be so lucky if a thugged out homosexual were to punch someone in the face for me.  You should be so lucky as well.  That is all I have to say about that…

Chris Rock and Nia Long once went on a date!  In this clip, Chris Rock and Nia Long tell Wendy Williams what happened!

After being fixed up, Chris Rock and Nia Long went out and hung out.  Chris Rock asked Nia Long if she was dating anyone or in a relationship.  Her shocking answer was enough to make Chris Rock decide to give her a WRONG NUMBER!  Imagine Nia Long’s suprise when she made that call and found out that she was REJECTED by Chris Rock.

That is how you get rid of a bad date! Go Chris Rock!

. . . . . . .


Frustrated with your break up? Wondering what other people go through during a break up or when trying to get someone back or when dealing with someone trying to get you back?  Check out this video via World Star Hip Hop of Joe Budden and Tahiry discussing their relationship!


. . . . . . .


Check out this Audio interview of Chelsea Lately discussing her break up with 50 Cent, jealousy, and other important topics pertaining to breaking up and relationships.

Chelsea Lately On Howard Stern

. . . . . . .

Best Break Up Songs

Have you recently had a bad break up? Check out these break up songs which can help you cope with your break up.  Breaking up with your girlfriend or breaking up with your boyfriend is difficult.  Listening to a break up song can help you cope and move on from a break up! Sometimes a Break Up Song can give you amazing relationship advice!

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This list has a bunch of songs, both oldies and new music, that can help you deal with breaking up with your significant other. These are not the top break up songs, they are only a starting place…

Ace Of Base – “Don’t Turn Around”

Adele – “Someone Like You”

Aaliyah – “Miss You”

Ben Folds Five – “Song For The Dumped”

Beyonce – “Irreplaceable”

Boys II Men – Doin’ Just Fine

Chris Brown – “Say Goodbye”

Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone”

Destiny’s Child – “Survivor”

Gloria Gaynor- “’I Will Survive”

Macy Gray – “I Try” 

Cee Lo Greene – “F$#% You”

Jackson 5 – “I Want You Back”

Led Zeppelin – “Tangerine” 

Liona Lewis – “Better in Time”

Willie Nelson – “Always On My Mind”

No Doubt – “Don’t Speak”

Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls – “Friend of Mine”

N Sync – “Bye Bye Bye”

Dolly Parton – “I Will Always Love You”

Pink – “So What”

Rihanna  –  “Rehab”

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – “The Tracks of My Tears”

Rolling Stones – “Angie”

The Temptations – “I Wish It Would Rain”

Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me a River”

Kanye West – “Heartless”

Bill Withers – “Ain’t No Sunshine”

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3 Ways To Catch A Cheater

by Reconsider.Us

Do you suspect your mate of cheating?  Think you are the only one with a cheating spouse or a cheating partner? You are not alone! Thousands of men & Women a year suspect their mates of cheating on them with another man or woman.  Are these questions on your mind:

Need help finding out whether your mate is cheating? There are ways to catch a cheating spouse!  Here are three methods of finding your mate if they are cheating or engaged in infidelity.  While no method is absolutely effective, using these sites might increase your likelihood of catching a cheating significant other and/or finding that cheating wife, cheating husband, cheating boyfriend, cheating girlfriend or cheating booty call!  Do these things and CATCH A CHEATER IN THE ACT!


This may seem obvious, but often, just searching sites and apps will reap great rewards. Remember to sign up and look for changes in his or her information. Ages might be changed as may be professional information and even zip codes. Often, a cheater will use the zip code closer to work or where they want to hang out.  This is especially true when people travel. You may catch a cheater in the dating pool of a city that is on the itinerary.

Don’t know where to look?  Most People don’t!  That is why cheaters get to be online.  However, if you can GOOGLE, then you can find the person on sites and apps!  But don’t stop at Google!  Here are 11 places that you can look to catch a cheater!

Canoodle was a search engine for dating profiles!  It was like Google but for dating site profiles.  Canoodle boasted that it had the LARGEST database of dating site profiles!  So if you want to catch someone cheating on an online dating site, is without a doubt the FIRST place that would have/should checked!  According to Canoodle, they have indexed over twenty million dating profiles.  That is a lot of people and without a doubt, someone there is cheating! *UPDATE-Canoodle seems to have changed and is not providing the information they once did.


Never let a cheater know that you may be on to him or her.  Suspicion that is relayed through communication or action will serve to help the Cheater, not you.  How?  Simple.  If someone knows that you may be on to him or her, he or she will change up their behaviors or just work harder to evade capture.  Your biggest advantage is having the cheater think that everything is ok. No one is going to admit to cheating before they are caught cheating.  Ok, people do sometimes admit to cheating before they are caught cheating, but don’t assume that will happen.

If you start changing your patterns or behavior, the cheater will take notice.  If you start to confront the person, you put the cheater on notice that you believe something is happening.  If this is done prematurely, you can possibly destroy any chance that you may have of catching the cheater in the act!


The truth is always in the details.  If you suspect someone is cheating on you, remember, the details will often lead you to the truth.  If someone is usually not well kept and is going out of his or her way to look nice, something is up!  If he or she has a seventies bush in the lower regions and all of a sudden it is trimmed and in the 21st Century, you may have cause for alarm…

Many people will say look for numbers and slips of paper.  However, it is the twenty first century.  People now get numbers in their phones, on email, etc.  But, it doesn’t hurt to look for numbers on slips of paper.  Remember, they may change the gender of the name to throw you off.  Another way to snoop is to backup the phone book electronically periodically and then load each backup into Microsoft Word and do a document compare, looking for new numbers.  Some people have hundreds of contacts, and this is the only way to find someone once they are in the phone.  More ways to find a cheater:

Do you suspect a MAN is cheating on you? Take notice of the following:

  • Are their hairs around that should not be there?  In his apartment? On his clothing? In the bathroom?  Women Shed and Hair is hard to get rid of.
  • Do you suspect someone is having sex in your bed? Change the sheets before you leave and invest in a small black light.  It will show what you need to see if it is there.
  • Is the phone being turned off randomly while he is out?  Is this new behavior?
  • Remember, he may not be cheating with a woman!  There are plenty of men who cheat with other men!

Do you suspect a WOMAN is cheating on you? Take notice of the following:

  • Is the toilet seat up?  This is often a very easy and commonsensical way to tell if a Man has been in the house.  Lets face it: Women don’t leave the toilet seat up!
  • Do you suspect someone is having sex in your bed? Change the sheets before you leave and invest in a small black light.  It will show what you need to see if it is there.
  • Is there a plutonic friend around? Maybe someone she has been talking about more than usual?  Are they hanging out?
  • Is she hanging out with friends more than usual? Remember, unlike men, who often turn the phone off, a woman will call you while with the person she is cheating with.  Often, he knows what is up, you don’t.
  • Remember, she may not be cheating with a man!  There are plenty of women who cheat with other women!


People will often reuse their email addresses or screen names.  Make it a point to search for these things.  Use combinations of search terms such as <username> and <socialmediasite> and you may even find the person’s messages & communications with other people, especially on sites like instagram. This can be true even for blocked profiles!  Often google crawls and other third party sites keep snapshots of social media activity!


Google is powerful. Google Images is even more powerful!  People often reuse photos.  Sometimes, you can use google and search for a person with their profile picture from another site, such as facebook.  It is shocking how many cheaters co-mingle their pictures not realizing that they can be detected because they use the same picture! TinEye is another reverse picture search site that you can use to search for someone’s social media profile or search for someone’s dating site profile using a picture.


. . . . . . .

3 Free Dating Sites to Help You Get Over A Break Up

Find A Date & Get Back on the Relationship Bandwagon!

So you have recently broken up with your Ex.  Considering web dating?  Your relationship may be over but your life is not. Sometimes the best way to cope with the end of a relationship is to get back into the game.

Are you asking yourself any of these questions:

  • How do I find a man?
  • How do I find a woman?
  • How do I find a girlfriend?
  • How do I find a boyfriend?
  • How do I find a wife?
  • How do I find a husband?
  • How do I find a rich man?
  • How do I find a rich woman?

If so, you need to find a date!

Whether you have lost a Boyfriend, Girlfriend or a Friend with Benefits, consider web dating!  These three free dating sites will help you find someone special and bring love back into your life!  At the very least, these web dating sites will take you on a great adventure!

Before you fall into relationship depression, try to find someone new.  However, if you still can’t break your depression, you may seek to find relationship counseling or training from a qualified Dr. of Love!  Be aware, many say that finding someone new to spend time with is one of the greatest end of relationship strategies you can employ! You had a break up, now go make up for lost time!



OkCupid is a site which can help even the most discriminating person find their soulmate.  The site does many things to match you to someone who you are compatible with.  They have rankings which tell you if someone is meant for you, meant to be a friend or is your enemy.  They even have a feature which shows you three people that the site thinks you might make a good match with.

For some reason however, the people on OKCUPID tend to be a little more….how do we say this…uppity at times.  It is as if you are talking to people at church when dealing with some profiles.  This could be because the population that OKCUPID attracts tends to be someone weary of internet dating.

Web Dating Tip: You can add someone as a favorite on the site and track them without knowing by making sure that your preferences are set to denying notification.

Beware: When you rank women/men on OKCUPID, they will inform anyone that you rank four stars or better that you have ranked them as such.  This can be awkward.

Also, if you want to browse profiles anonymously, you should set your settings to such IMMEDIATELY upon joining.  Otherwise, anyone who you view on the site can see that you viewed their profile.  Note, if you turn off this feature, you can no longer see who was looking at your profile.

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2) aka

POF is much like the wild west of dating sites. has tons of profiles.  Lots.  Hundreds of thousands all over the country.  This can be a good thing.  However, sorting through the site can be like finding a great item at TJ Max or Marshalls: You just don’t know what you will find and if you find a gucci shoe, it may be missing the other shoe.

Such being the case, is an excellent website for you to browse singles in your area or in some other area that you are interested in.

Web Dating Tip: Don’t fall victim to the CUT AND PASTE or use one liners.  POF user’s are very weary of people who write short one liners and/or who cut and paste the same message to lots of people.  It is a small world.  Also, guys should be aware that women tend to affirmatively hate on men who have no shirts on in their profile pictures on

Beware: Be very careful how you set your preferences as to what you are looking for in life and on the site.  If you set your preferences to Intimate Encounter or something that states that you are just looking for a good time, the site will actually BLOCK YOU from writing to certain profiles.  Our intel also suggests that writing to someone with those settings might also lead to your being blocked and prevented from talking to certain people who set their settings to preclude you from talking to them!



That is what most Yelper’s say at least.  After all, Yelp is a restaurant review site which has tens of thousands of users.  However, Yelp, like many medicines has an interesting secondary use that it was not prescribed for: it can make for an amazing dating site!  That is right: YELP IS A DATING SITE!  This can however, be good and bad.

Yelpers as they are called, make profiles on yelp and review places that they have been to.  They are very friendly and love to talk about being foodies and their tastes and interests.  In fact, they LOVE that you care at all.  This is something that you can use.  By Yelping your favorite places and writing to people who frequent them, you can find someone who has similar interests and have insight into what a potential mate’s likes and dislikes are without even meeting them.  We know…scary…just be careful…

Web Dating Tip: Yelp has events which they pay for that bring people together!  They require everyone to wear a name tag.  They even have an “Elite Squad” which gets to go to more free events at which strangers are encouraged to mingle!

Web Dating Tip: Yelp has an unexpectedly large Asian population.  If you are looking to meet an Asian man or looking to meet an Asian girl, Yelp is a great place to meet Asian people.  Those of you who want to date Asian women or date Asian men may find luck on Yelp.  That being said, don’t date people simply because you have a fetish.

Beware: The proper Yelp etiquette for chatting is not the direct message.  Yelpers initially write and get to know each other using “compliments” which are public messages that are much like writing on someone’s facebook wall.  Yelpers are known to have whole conversations through compliments.  Use Compliments before you use direct messages, as using direct messages can make you look like a creep or stalker.


Whatever you decide to do, GOOD LUCK LOOKING FOR LOVE!

These sites offer:

dating for men, dating for women, dating for guys, dating for girls, dating for straight men, dating for gay men, dating for straight women, dating for lesbian/gay women.

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