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People Date for a host of reasons.  Some people are looking for love.  Some just want to date. Others are looking for romantic encounters.

Some people just want a child.

There are many articles and sites around the internet that highlight this fact. Below are sites and apps for people who may want to date but have one goal in mind: having a baby. There are many avenues to this goal.  These include relationships which end in pregnancy and plutonic co-parenting. Some people are looking for donor and surrogate options.

JUST A BABY (justababy.com)

Just a baby is an app that connects people that want to have a baby.  If you are looking to have a child in the near future, just a baby may be the app for you! Some people find it difficult to find potential future co-parents while using sites like bumble and tinder.  Even when someone finds love on those sites, there is often a likelihood that any marriage will lead to divorce.

There are currently no fees to register for the just a baby app. You just have to want to have a baby and set up a profile.  Then it is up to you to find your new co-parent!

The site offers a simplistic approach to a real problem – finding someone to have a baby with.  There are many reasons that someone would be looking to find someone who is also seeking to have a child. whether you are just looking to get pregnant without strings or looking for someone to have a baby with you, this app may be for you.

The site for the app suggests some privacy and safety guidelines that users may wish to take note of.

The Just A Baby is available for android and ios (apple) devices.


See Also:

  • PollenTree.com
    • network for people looking for coparents or people to have a baby with.
  • Modamily.com 
    • community of people who are ready to have kids.
  • FamilyByDesign.com
    • community for parenting partnerships.
  • coparents.com
    • social media platform for people looking to have a baby or for people looking for donors. Boasts over 100,000 profiles of people looking for someone to have a baby with.
  • prideangel.com
    • site for donors looking to help someone who wants to have a baby.

Keep in mind that once the goal of having a baby is accomplished, one might want to download a different type of co-parenting app – the type that will help you responsibly manage actually being a coparent.