How Do I Get An Ex Back?


Are you trying to get an ex back? Whether you are with someone now or you are still heartbroken, you can get your ex back!


Get Back With An Ex

There are lots of resources online for people who want to get back with an Ex!  Still thinking about your ex-boyfriend?  Wondering where your ex-girlfriend is right now?  Take a look at some of these interesting systems for getting your ex back!  How can you get your ex back?  Hey, I don’t even know your ex!  How the hell am I supposed to know?  However, since is a resource for getting back with your ex, I have searched far and why for others who might have the answer to how can you get your ex back!

One such person is Michael Fiore!  He doesn’t just want you to get back with your ex, he wants you to:


When I saw the advertising for the Text Your Ex Back system, I noticed right away that the page had those fancy “as seen on” logos.  The system has been profiled by some big names: The Rachel Ray Show, FOX, WEBMD, NBC, CBS RADIO & YAHOO.  These names made the system no more credible, but they did make me take a closer look.

The Claim:


Ex Girlfriend


Ex Boyfriend


Using simple little text messages sent from the cellphone you have in your pocket RIGHT NOW!


Can This Really Help You Get Your Ex Back?

When you are sitting at home sad and alone because you are constantly asking yourself “how do I get an ex back” then anything is a start.  The way I figure it, this system is a starting point towards something.  Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but anything is better than not being able to concentrate because you are hoping to get your ex back.  Taking matters into your own hands is always a better path than sitting around waiting for something to happen.

How Does It Work?

This system is set up so that it is marketed to both men who are trying to get an ex girlfriend back and women who are trying to get an ex boyfriend back.  The marketing to each group is completely different and on the first page, you are asked to click a button based on whether you are a man or a woman.

In the pages, each version tells a story specifically targeted to people who are trying to get an ex back.  If you are wondering how to get ex back, then you may want to check out this system.  It can’t hurt to listen to what the How To Text Your Ex back people have to say.


Should I Spend Money Trying to Get My Ex Back?

This is a really good question that only you can answer.  I can say this, dinner at a nice restaurant can cost $50 or more and this system for getting your ex back does not cost $50.  The author states that:

Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact within sixty days for a full refund.

Software requirements: You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to read the ebook PDF files. You can download and install Reader by clicking here

It is less than the price of dinner.  The way I see it, if you can get someone you love back, it is worth it.  Otherwise, doing something and having something to read is better than just sitting around.  Go to their site and watch the video.  Decide for yourself whether Text Your Ex Back is indeed the system that you want to use to get your ex back.


best first date ideas & dating tips first date

5 First Date Ideas

New to dating?  New to the dating scene?  Maybe you have been dating for a while but have learned the hard way that dating can be expensive!  Looking for inexpensive and/or free dates?  Here are five first date ideas to help you have an amazing time with someone!  Plan the best first date ever!

First Date Idea #1

Go Out to Eat At A Restaurant!

The best first date ideas are often those that are time tested.  This is a classic first date idea.  However, you should choose restaurants that are interesting.  Japanese and Korean BBQ places are often cool because you are cooking with one another and they can be exciting.  Such places force people to communicate and can be used to encourage interaction and teamwork.  Cooking together can be an amazing bonding experience!  This is a way to do that outside of the house!   Avoid places that are not conducive to communication.  Also, avoid discussing exes and prior relationships unless asked, and even then, don’t go into the debbie downer details.

First Date Idea Tip: Use Yelp to lower your dating costs!  Did you know that Yelp has amazing coupons & deals on thousands of restaurants?  Pick the restaurant ahead of time on YELP DEALS & you can save serious money while eating at amazing places.  The Yelp program will allow you to get huge discounts on restaurants and bars if you buy a voucher for use on the SAME DAY.  If you are subtle enough and pull the waiter aside to discuss the details, she will never know!  Programs such as this can allow you to do more with less money and look good while doing it!  CLICK HERE for more information on Yelp Deals


First Date Idea #2

This first date idea is more of an idea of what not to do: DON’T GO TO THE MOVIES.

Movies are a HORRIBLE place to have a first date!  How can you talk during a film in a dark room?  Don’t even think about taking a girl you don’t know into a room and fondling her or trying to get to ANY base.  This is douche bag territory and should be avoided at all costs!  Movie theaters are not conducive to communication and that is the goal on the first date: to communicate!  Going to the movies is a really bad first date idea.  AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS, EVEN IF THE OTHER PERSON SUGGESTS IT!


First Date Idea #3

 Meet Up For A Drink

“Drink” doesn’t just mean alcohol.  The goal is to talk and communicate and get to know one another.  Alcohol and bars are just one way to do such a thing.  However, some people do not like to go out drinking.  Make sure you ask before you invite.  You can always go to a coffee shop or have hot chocolate somewhere.  Places like DAVE & BUSTERS with Games and other such amusements are also good choices for first dates.

First Date Idea Tip: Like the advice in First Date Idea #1, you can use vouchers from YELP DEALS to get restaurant & bar discounts.  There are often some amazing bars included and the vouchers often cover food & drinks!  These types of discount programs can save you a fortune on drinks and can open up your options dramatically.  Look for rooftop bars & fancy places like speakeasys.  Often, some very trendy places are participating in groupon and Yelp instant deals.  This is especially cool and useful when the date is not planned but rather spontaneous.  Yelp Deals are often discounts on the SAME DAY.  Just check the inventory and see what is available! CLICK HERE for more information on Yelp Deals


First Date Idea #4

 Take a Day Trip to a Nearby City!

If your date is spontaneous and likes adventure, suggest taking a bus to a nearby city!  Are you in New York?  If so, consider taking a bus from Chinatown or Midtown to Boston or Philly!  Bolt Bus and Mega Bus are pretty cool options and can be pretty cheap.  The best part: buses are public places, so you don’t have to worry about awkward alone moments!  You can book seats up to the time of departure on many buses! If your city is not ideal for you, another city can be a great place for dating!

First Date Idea Tip: Like the advice in First Date Idea #1, you can use vouchers from YELP DEALS to get restaurant & bar discounts & site seeing in another city.   CLICK HERE for more information on Yelp Deals


First Date Idea #5

 Free Dates!  Have a picnic or scavenger hunt around your city!

If your date likes parks or the outdoors, you should consider a picnic.  Picnic’s are cool because you can plan them and have them in some amazing places: Parks, Sidewalks, on Ferries, on mountains after a hike, etc.

First Date Idea Tip: Want to have a more adventurous first date?  Have a scavenger hunt!  Find out what your date is interested in and create a hunt that takes you to get items related to that interest all over the city!  Make maps and checklists!  Take pictures doing silly things.  This can be a great idea if you are new to dating as it is an activity that is not your normal date!

First Date Idea Tip: Put five different date ideas in a bag or cup and have your date pick them one at a time.  If she likes the first one, she might ask to pick again!

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