Is Kanye West in over his head?

Kim Kardashian is pregnant!  Kanye announced the pregnancy recently during a concert.

What is most disturbing, is that he did not say he was having a baby.  He introduced his “baby mama” during the concert and it was none other than his current and still married girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

It is not hard to be happy for any happy couple.  However, is this really a happy situation?

Kanye has been known to be a little unstable at times.  It is what it is.  The truth is, poor Kanye is probably in desperate need of love and attention and some stability.

However, it remains to be seen whether being a member of the Kardashian family will be the answer.

One thing is for sure: having a “baby mama” is never positive.  Of course, an engagement is inevitable once Kim is divorced.  Then they will live happily ever after and their story will be told for generations as an amazing ghetto fairy tale!  Maybe.

However, some in the hood are a little skeptical of  Kanye’s new found fairy tale.

Rapper Meek Mill recently said what a lot of people were thinking when he tweeted: “Kanye west officially turned a hoe into a housewife by getting Kim K pregnant.. smh!”

Is that what everyone is thinking?  Most likely, No.  However, many people are watching for a different reason than Kanye is participating: they are worried about Kanye.

Why worry about Kanye?  Well, first off, right now, some of the things that Kanye says and does are arguably a little disrespectful and don’t make Kim look good.  He has recently tweeted some extraordinary things, including writing about having sex with Kim.  “I just fu%*ed Kim so hard.” Yep, he wrote it.

When that happened, Cafe Mom called it “raunchy, tasteless, and disgusting?!”  Miss Info said that he “overshare[d]” his info.

The truth is, after these types of actions, most self respecting women would have been gone.  Yet Kimye is still going strong! Why is Kim still around?

Who Knows!

One thing is for sure.  Kanye is not in the untouchable position of power and authority he thinks he is in.  In fact, arguably, Kanye is in over his head.  Once Kim has that baby, she won’t have to deal with lapses in judgment.  She can leave.  She has shown that she can move on from a break up very well.

In New York, child support for one child starts at 17% of one’s income.  There are all sorts of other expenses that can be added.  So if love is not a good reason for Kim to keep her mouth shut for now, that is.

That which doesn’t kill Kanye will make him stronger.  Sounds good, but Kanye may be in way over his head.  Hopefully parenthood changes Kanye and Kim for the better and this all works out.

If the relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian doesn’t work out, I have this advice:

“Let the Kanye Beware”

I know it is supposed to be let the “buyer” beware.  Kanye is not a buyer of anything, but if Kanye and Kim Break up, Kanye is going to pay.  That is for sure.

. . . .