Check out this video from WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM in which a woman is beating her cheating boyfriend on a train.  The irrate woman is calling her cheating boyfriend names and proceeds to beat him, and kick him in the head several times.  The person filming the beating the cheater is getting seems concerned that her food is getting cold, but has to film the crazy fight between the woman and her cheating boyfriend.  For over 5 minutes, the girl smacks, kicks, and spits at the man.  She spit in his face.  How disrespectful.  Poor Cheater.  Eventually the police come and save the cheater, arresting the woman for beating him up.  She is even cuffed and put on the platform!  Then she is arrested.

Moral of the Story:

Think twice before engaging in self help against your cheating significant other.  Otherwise, you might end up a character on a website as people watch you get arrested.  Worse part is, the guy can now go right back to the girl he was cheating with.


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Things To Make For Boyfriend: A face just like his real true love: Jessica Alba!


That is right.  One girl who had a boyfriend that was in love with Jessica Alba took matters into her own hands to get her man back: she got cosmetic surgery to look just like the actress!  They broke up and she decided to get him back by doing this.  Women in Asian countries do things a little differently!  What was crazier was when she asked her friends: How can I make my boyfriend want me, they suggested she get the surgery!

This video from World Star is CRAZY!